Winning! in Cambodia with Trump
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Another foreign policy win for Trump:

Cambodia moves to Chinese style political system

Recent moves by Hun Sen to ensure his Khmer Rouge-derived "Cambodian Peoples Party" continues to rule Cambodia include stifling dissent, controlling and closing media outlets, banning NGOs, banning opposition political parties, and pushing forward with one party elections this year - very much in the Xi Jenping and Putin playbook. And all countenanced by Trump and his pro-autocrat policies.

The key quote:

Says journalist Sebastian Strangio, author of Hun Sen's Cambodia. "There's always a tension between the [Cambodian] government's aims to secure power and its need for Western support and Western aid money," Strangio told WikiTribune. "China has resolved that contradiction present within the CPP. With Chinese support, they don't really need Western countries."

As then-candidate Trump once boasted, "We'll be winning so much you'll be sick of winning"

Well, I'm sick of it already. How about you?

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, Feb 18, 2018

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