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Real Voter Fraud

When a person accuses another of some illegality, unethical behavior, or some other transgression, it is common that that the accuser is projecting - accusing others of his own behavior. For the GOP, this seems to be an almost universal disorder. So much so that the Big Lie has become a tell; whenever some Republican alleges that another person is involved in some nefarious activity, it's nearly certain that the accuser is already involved in the same.

Swift boat liars (1, 2, 3, etc., etc.) who never set foot on a swift boat, right-wing evangelicals and politicians Clinton of infidelity while ensconced in the bed of their mistresses (1, 2, 3, etc., etc.), the GOP hammering on Hillary's email server while using their own private email servers to conduct government business (1, 2, 3, etc., etc.) ... I could go on and on but it's just too obvious a point.

Now Kansas secretary of state and Trump "voter fraud czar" Kris Kobach is accused of manipulating the vote counting in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

An election integrity activist in Kansas filed an objection Thursday to Kris Kobach’s candidacy for governor, claiming elections officials illegally rejected more early ballots than Kobach’s margin of victory. Davis Hammet, the director of the Kansas-based organization Loud Light, told ThinkProgress that the rejected advance mail ballots throw Kobach’s extremely narrow primary win into question. Kobach defeated current Gov. Jeff Colyer (R) in August’s primary by just 343 votes out of more than 317,000 cast.

Metsger, the official who made the decision to reject 153 ballots because of signature issues. He says he spoke to Kobach by phone twice the night of the primary. It’s not known what the two discussed, according to the Kansas City Star, which first reported the communications.
A board consisting of three GOP elections officials will hear Hammet’s opposition Monday afternoon. While Kobach typically sits on the board, he has recused himself from the last few hearings and will likely send a representative in his place on Monday. Hammet said about his chances of success. “These are three Republicans whose future is attached to Kris Kobach being the nominee and they don’t have interests in opening up these questions.”

As many have noted, it's not who votes but who counts the vote. With an electoral system slanted to the rural minority, electronic voting systems which provide no paper trail and no audting, and GOP dominance at the state - and state election commissions - level, it's no surprise that the elections swing this way.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, Sept. 8, 2018

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