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Linda pulled her leg off of me and propped up on her elbow.

You know, if you leave a light shining outside your house, it will attract termites.


So you should only use a yellow light, if at all.

Now where did you hear this? What kind of evidence is there that porch lights attract termites and that they aren't attracted to or can't see yellow?

It's common knowledge.

Well, that's interesting. I've never heard that, I'll look it up tomorrow and see if I can find any evidence.

You don't believe me?

Well, generally I do, if you are talking about some subject I expect you to know. Termite behavior, not so much. Let's say, I don't disbelieve you but I would want additional confirmation. Anyway, termites are so common in Florida, I think the proof of this would be statistically difficult.

Well, I am just going to leave the outside lights off. It will also be good for the environment and my electric bill.

Then, how will I know if you are home and if I could come over?

She rolled over The moonlight picked out the freckles on her back, like some distant constellation of black holes.

You'll just have to figure that out yourself.

I stared at the ceiling, listening for the soft subsonic munching of termites. After a while, she was softly snoring. I got up and went home.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, Apr. 2, 2018

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