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Sounds in the Leaves

Last month (6/02), my brother and I were travelling in southern CR (No Hair Tour 2002 #2). The swell was 3-6' from 210 degrees. This was too small for Pavones and had too much west in it to break anywhere near Cabo Matopalo except small Landslides. West of Matopalo are cliffs and no real beaches until just south of Carate. We figured that somewhere along the coast north of Carate there might be a beach or point which was catching the swell. We drove across the Rio Carate to stash the truck in the woods not far from Punta Leona. We were headed North along the coast with a tarp, hammocks, mosquito net, and boards. After 2 days of exploring the area, we came to the conclusion that either none of the points and beaches would break or that the swell just didn't have the right direction or juice.

At night, we camped under the tarp in our hamocos. Late at night, I was awakened by the movement in the leaf litter on the floor of the jungle. Small things were moving and scurrying under the dry leaves. It sounded like rain. I wondered whether it was snakes, visualized large Madagascar hissing cockroaches the size of your hand, and scorpions. When I turned on the light I saw...

Crabs. Lots of them. Small, large, dark, colored, and some carrying shells like hermits. I had never thought that the dominant terestrial fauna in a rain forest would be crabs. I guess you're never too old to be suprised.

Posted by Gordon, Anger Management Course, Aug 02, 2002

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