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Government by sociopaths

Will Wilkinson: GOP conflation of the public interest with corporate/investor interests - "GOP demands to immunize businesses from liability for death and injury due to workplace infection amounts to a very frank acknowledgment that re-opening endangers the life and health of workers and risks broader spread of infection... which implies a view verging on sociopathic class warfare: fatal losses to workers and communities are tolerable but financial losses to the investor class is not."

The entire government reaction to the COVID pandemic is sociopathic. We have Trump grandstanding with the daily coronavirus task force show until his idiocy was just too difficult to hide - so he stopped attending and cancelled the show. Meanwhile, he is tweeting (and right wing activists are organizing and funding) support for "re-opening the economy" whatever that means. Congress is silently acquiescing to this state of affairs: the Senate announces hearings then nothing while the House opens hearings leading Trump to block Fauci and other administraion figures from testifying. The result ... crickets.

This is the real American exceptionalism. Only in America would worship of money and struggle to retain power and position trump care for our fellow countrymen (and women). Decades of lack of investment in public infrasatructure and institutions and strip mining those that remain for private profit has been the policy of both major parties. It has been a slow-motion repeat of the Russian 'perestroika' - opening up the assets of the state for capture by favored private interests. And, the political parties and politicians are all on the side of the oligarchs. This is what a failed state looks like.


Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, April 12, 2020

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