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RIP, Christo

Today brings news of the death of Christo, avant garde artist and producer of large scale art installations. Apparently, this was not related to covid-19 but of 'natural causes.' He was pre-deceased by his wife Jeanne-Claude in 2009. He is survived by memory of some of his artworks - and apparently one final project in Paris is to go ahead despite his death. [My long-time reader may recall the series of 'Friday Christo blogging' in the old No Hair "Anger Management Course' blog about 15 years ago.] I was fortunate to see one of his works where he surrounded several spoil islands in Biscayne Bay with pink plastic.

Christo - Biscayne Bay Islands

He also famously wrapped the Reichstag in plastic.

Reichstag wrapped

But, my favorite was the 'Trees' where he wrapped tress in translucent netting, ultimately resembling a massive webworm caterpillar infestation.

Christo Trees

Pace, Christo. Thanks for the memories

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, May 31, 2020

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