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We've been in lockdown mode now for 2 weeks, starting 3/16 when the CDC first recommended "social isolation." Actually, it's not very different from our usual lives; we rarely go out, certainly not to bars, etc., mostly eat at home and my hobbies are generally solitary endeavors. The county closed the beaches - which makes no sense. No large crowds or parties are held on the beach and, for surfers, we look for deserted breaks and try to get as far away from other surfers as possible in order to get our waves without interference. The last 3 days, I've been surfing at Herman's. Saturday, there were 3 surfers about a 1/4-1/2 mile to my North near Ocean Bay but I had the inside reef all to myself. The waves were weak, the tide was on it, but I had fun. Today, it was very small with light offshores so I took out my SUP and carefully inspected the reef. Visibility was only fair.

At home it's work in the yard, optimize the server, and play guitar. I finished a 5F1/AA764 'lunch box'prototype where I can modify by a series of switches all the circuit variations between the tweed and silverface Champ. I found I actually prefer the 5F1 almost stock (with an added first filter stage with 1kohm resistor which nearly kills all the SE hum, an added 0.68uF bypass cap on the cathode of V1A for a bit of boost, and a bit less negative feedback - seems the best to my ears). I play my partscaster which sounds really good with this amp and a homemade speaker box with a Eminence Copperhead 10". I added a sand/particle filter to the sprinkler well pump, replaced the diaphragm on the valve of one of the zones, and that seems to stop the pump from kicking on every 20-40 minutes. I thought I would have to replace a few of the valves with anti-siphon valves but, so far, it's good. So, then I put in a new raised bed using re-purposed galvanized metal storm shutters, planted a mango and an avocado tree, some cassava, some pigeon peas (gondulas negras from Panama) and a "miracle berry" bush as well as 3 beds with sea grapes for shade. The victory garden is taking shape.

Next chores are get the off-road bike up to speed and continue to plant ground cover in the back yard. Now, though, it's time for a cold Corona.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, March 30, 2020

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