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Don't tase me, bro!

The fact that this occurred at a John Kerry appearance has allowed the VRWC and associated media apparatchiks to smear Kerry as being ineffectual ("mumbling some response," etc.) or being against free speech, as if the UF cops were directed by him. [Ed.: Certainly, his responsewas not up to par with our current "Get 'em outta here!" president.]

In fact, nothing like this would happen at a Bush appearance as the White House team only allows in true believers who will stand in shock and awe and certainly not ask any difficult questions.

In any case, the episode really speaks for the ineffectual nature of the UF cops. I mean if six cops can't give a single person the bum's rush, they need some training. One cop stands behind and lifts the person by the belt or pants. Two others stand on either side and hold the arms down to the sides. All briskly walk out the door and deposit the person in the the nearest gutter or dumpster, then turn and re-enter the event. It works every time - don't ask me how I know.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair News, Jan 18, 2011

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