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Surf report - corona edition

I went surfing today twice! It's been years since I've done that. Not that the waves were great. It was a left over swell after TS Arthur passed. Water 76°, air 68° in the AM and 78° for the midday session, with a weak 2' North swell leftovers. Yesterday it was choppy and peaky and a bit bigger with head high peaks but no lines or sections to speak of. Today, nice lines, mostly thigh to waist, with rare head high 3' sets but still no power. Still, I surfed about an hour and a half in the AM from 6:45 at Walton, then went home and made my sweetie papas y huevos tacos with fresh pico de gallo and mangos. Then, after low tide when there might be a little push behind the waves, I went back out at Jensen from 11:15 for another hour and a half. Waves were still weak. It looked better than it was. The SE sea breeze came up so I paddled in.

One major disadvantage to the (semi-) lockdown is that school is out and the lineup was crowded. All the kids are out at Jensen and Walton. Hermans was even fairly populated. With this swell and the tides, only a few spots were breaking. I should have gone to Blind Creek. That's the call for tomorrow.

The early mangos are in! Carrie trees in our old yard, next door, and at Mauricio and Ozzie's house are full of fruit. Super good tasting and I can't see much evidence of internal brekdown. It appears to be a good year for production so far. The early mango varieties are definitely maturing much earlier in the last couple years. Global warming, perhaps. The later mangos, like the Kent and Valencia Pride, seem to be less productive than they were a decade ago, although that varies year to year. Nevertheless, yum.

[Note: I had gotten a new (to me) Macbook Air (2017 2.2GHz i7 with only 150 battery cycles and in near perfect condition for $500) and had reconfigured the blog as described previously. I had been having issues with blogging from the iPad because ? I think it was that my home wifi was screwy and there was too much ssh latency. Anyway, now blogging from the iPad again.]

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, April 12, 2020

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