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A concise statement of the problem

"I feel like this is just a great summary of the current political scene in general. As conservatives double down on outright bullshit, lies, false narratives, and other unrespectable hogwash, they still act entitled to fair consideration, forcing people to capitulate and meet them halfway between wrong and truth. It's obviously a flawed system that can only ever drag us backwards, farther and farther. When you compromise with a republican, they pull their hand back, so you have to take two steps closer to them to make the handshake, and during the shake they pull you back a few more steps. The next time a compromise is reached, the side of justice and morality is over the horizon and you're so far in the red it's no wonder people could refer to Obama just as Bush III."

From GoblinHoney on Metafilter

However, in my defense, let me point to Obama's 'Bush III' policies like unending, undeclared war, assasination of US citizens (and even minors) without due process and inability of the targeted to confront their accusers and present a defense, continued support of the neoliberal system, acquiescence to increasing inequality, impoverishment and, indeed, active destruction of the vanishing middle class, continued disregard for constitutionally protected freedoms and privacy, ... I could go on but you've heard it before.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair Blog, Apr 17, 2019

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