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HTTPS using relayd reverse proxy and SNI with virtual httpd hosts

I decided to add HTTPS to my backwater website using Let's Encrypt as the certificate authority. I had set this up as a test using a self-signed certificate. This works but is flagged by Mozilla and other browsers. So, I set it up with a real CA. Then, I ran into the problem of the relayd reverse proxy in front of httpd.

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Transparent Reverse Proxy Using OpenBSD's relayd - updated

[Ed. this is a revised entry of Transparent Reverse Proxy Using relayd updated for OpenBSD -current which is 6.5 at present.]

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Installing ddclient on OpenBSD

I recently moved and decided to no longer pay my ISP for the static IP address block. I decided to go with dynamic IP addresses as, for this blog, my reader can still access the infrequent posts even if it is a bit slower.

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A concise statement of the problem

"I feel like this is just a great summary of the current political scene in general. As conservatives double down on outright bullshit, lies, false narratives, and other unrespectable hogwash, they still act entitled to fair consideration, forcing people to capitulate and meet them halfway between wrong and truth. It's obviously a flawed system that can only ever drag us backwards, farther and farther. When you compromise with a republican, they pull their hand back, so you have to take two steps closer to them to make the handshake, and during the shake they pull you back a few more steps. The next time a compromise is reached, the side of justice and morality is over the horizon and you're so far in the red it's no wonder people could refer to Obama just as Bush III."

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Best Tequilas - an update

From time to time, I update the resdults of my ongoing tasting of selected tequilas locally available. All appear in various top tequila lists in print or on the internet. These were individually tested by me, neat/straight for the rating below and as mixed in a margarita with my standard recipe (1 part each of tequila, Grant Mariner, Tres Agaves organic mixer, unsweetened lime juice, and orange juice).

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Installing OpenBSD on a Laptop

I've been using an older MacBook to deal with my headless servers. This is running OSX 10.6.8 which is prefectly workable. It can dual boot into Windows 7 (which I use to root and install various firmware on my Android phones). It's fine but I decided I wanted to use a more up-to-date OpenBSD laptop for this task as all the servers are running OpenBSD already and a more modern OS would have (ostensibly) less unpatched exploits. I just happened to have an old Dell Vostro 1500 laying around. This has a Core 2 Duo CPU. It had only 2GB of memory so I bumped it up to 4 GB (cost of 2x2GB PC2-6400 DIMMs was $18 on ebay). I also replaced to incompatible Broadcom wifi card with an Intel wifi card ($30 from I made a bootable USB flash drive for the most recent OpenBSD snapshot, plugged it in and booted into the installer without problems.

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I was surfing at Herman's Bay last month. A nice. sunny day, 3-4 foot clean waves, lined up, a bit closey but you could get a few nice rides if you shoulder-hopped the big ones. After about 2 hours, I came in because the tide was getting on it and the SE wind was beginning to pick up.

As I walked up the stairs, there were two young women watching. Late high school or perhaps college girls, as it was a weekday, dressed like surfers - shorts, appropriately logo'd T-shirts, etc.

"Hey, you were getting some really nice rides out there." She smiled, and her friend did too.

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What's to be done about conservatives?

What's to be done about American conservatives and the Republican Party? For decades, they've stood for plutocracy and bigotry, and using the latter to achieve the former. Almost none of their policies help Americans as a whole; instead, their policies benefit a select few, most often those who are already rich and powerful. Conservatives and Republicans serve their donors, not the majority of their constituents. On the merits, their policies are awful, so they lie about them constantly. About their only true principle is acquiring more power and keeping it, by almost any means necessary – norms of governance, democratic representation and fair play be damned.

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Gatewood was my great uncle. When I was a teenage grom surfing at the surfing area down by the steel pier just North of Rudee, I would see him at times. I remember one day when I was 13 or 14 and I was hanging out with Reid, Jimbo, Johnny, and the crew, when someone said' "Here comes Gatewood." And, indeed, there he was, pulling up in his '61 Mercedes with his board on top.

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Real Voter Fraud

When a person accuses another of some illegality, unethical behavior, or some other transgression, it is common that that the accuser is projecting - accusing others of his own behavior. For the GOP, this seems to be an almost universal disorder - so much so that the Big Lie has become a tell.

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An End to the Phony free Trade System? (Don't hold your breath.)

I am not a Trump supporter, God no. The buffoon is an embarassment. But, neither could I support Clinton with her certain continuation of neoliberal economic policy and support of the phony "free trade" regime. After the collusion of the DNC with the Clinton cabal, Sander's candidacy was doomed. But, if I can say one thing for Trump, he at least talked the talk, if incoherently, of rolling back the various free trade agreements. I doubt he will because he too benefits from lowered wages, undocumented workers, and H1-B wage slaves. But, it's refreshing that others have begun to move to this position.

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Cash Against the Machine

Banks and payment processors are pushing for a cashless system, arguning that it's convenient. However, not so much.

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Summer food: Black Bean salad

It's hot and humid. Who want's to stay in the kitchen and then eat hot food. This time of year, Mrs. Nohair and I subsist on recipes we have collected over the last 4 decades in Texas and Florida. Salads, fruit, smoothies, and anything that can be cooked in a flash, like fresh seafood or stir fry.

Tonight, it's black bean salad, with rice, chiles, cilantro, etc.

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Rex Tillerson: pot, meet kettle

Our late Sec'y of State gave the commencement address at VMI and (at least according to the corporate media) obliquely criticized President Trump.

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Oliver North, Patriot

Today, class, our history lesson involves that demented fool Reagan and America's support of Iran and the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua, starring the new NRA president and convicted felon, Oliver North. For a nice review, see this piece in the Intercept.

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Using git to manage a static blog

I edit my blog using a desktop Mac, a Macbook, and an iPad. Now I use ssh and TextWrangler but if I'm not connected, I'm out of luck. In addition, I am actually editing the live site, which has the potential for disaster. I wanted to have the ability to edit and post to the site while offline and also to have some degree of version control to roll back mistakes as well as have backups if the webserver crashes or I screw up by deleting some file.

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