Adios, Wordpress (and OSX Server)

I have been using a self-hosted blog since 2011. This has been using Wordpress running on OSX Server (10.6). Over the years, numerous security holes in WP and popular plugins have been revealed, as well as potential exploits in PHP, Apache, certain Apache modules, etc. I found that I was spending as much time maintaining, patching, and updating the server and blogging system as I was actually posting - and I don't post all that often.

I'm sick of it. Not that I don't find some interest in reading and understanding the exploits and the remediation needed, as well as patching and tuning the system, But, it is pretty time consuming. I would go on a trip and worry about the site or server being hacked. Not to mention the weekly purging of the comments for spam, links to malware and porno, and other trash. The final straw was yet another blog corruption from an update and hours spent recovering the data.

Screw it. WP is history. I'm moving to a simple blog of static files, no comments, hosted on a hardened OpenBSD system behind a reverse proxy.

Check back in a week or two when it's up and running. I'll get the old posts up from 'Anger Management Course' which will relatively easy as they are saved in a usable MovableType archive. The old posts from 'No Hair News' will be more difficult to recover as the archiving functions of Wordpress are suck (not to mention some have been corrupted and will need to basically be rewritten). So, as my schedule permits or on request.

Posted by Gordon, No Hair News, Nov 18, 2016

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